The Burlingame B

The Voice of Burlingame High.

Burlingame High School's Newspaper


When I was in high school, I was a Reporter, Web Editor, and finally Editor-in-Chief for my school newspaper, The Burlingame B. During my junior year, I experimented with app development for the first time by converting the newspaper's online WordPress website to an iOS application. It wasn't the best product, design-wise or even in terms of efficiency, but it was the first time I got my hands dirty with technology.

I made The Burlingame B app in order to make it easier for my fellow students, as well as other audiences, to read the articles that we published as a school newspaper. The app included a wide range of articles that we have wrote about school events as well as current issues around the world. Our website served as the voice of Burlingame High, and through the app, I hoped to reach a wider audience. The content of the app was written by the Journalism team of Burlingame High School. You can download the app here!